November 20, 2015

Seven Things: random thoughts

'girl blogging/go away'
01/ Is making lists like these lazy blogging? Maybe. But I do have to think up things to write and also, I do take the time to edit them.

02/ I've given up on trying to leave long comments except for the occasional random one. I've been leaving very brief comments and it just doesn't seem fair to bloggers who work hard on their content. But it is what it is. Good comments are hard to write. There is always this need to be nice; to be kind; to leave good thoughts; to be non-offensive; to make it sound like you're not desperate for attention; to sound like you're not just there so they would visit you in return, etc, etc, etc... I guess I just don't have the patience like I used to.

03/ Is it rude to ask someone who is giving you a ride home and is driving very fast, to slow down so you wouldn't throw up in their car? I mean, it was really, really fast. I just think if you don't want to give someone a ride home, then say no.

04/ In September, after I finished the interview series, I asked readers to leave me questions and I was going to answer them in a post but since there are not many questions, I'm answering them here:

(a) What are your favourite foods?
I have too many to list here but I'll list a few: pizza, chicken congee, egg drop soup, dragon eye fruit, orange soda, cream soda, spam (yes, spam but only if they are fried), bake ziti, spaghetti with tomato sauce, anything Italian (except meatballs), tangerines, lollipop with gum in the center, noodle soup, chicken soup...

(b) Did you read or add any of the books to your reading list that were mentioned?
I only read the one book that was recommended: Writing down the bones by Natalie Goldberg which I think is a rather good book on writing, not so much as instructions but a book that could get you motivated or get interested in writing.

(c) What's your favourite colour?
I usually said 'blue' like the sky after a rain shower but it really depends on what kind day it is and what kind of mood I'm in. This quote from  Sir Winston Churchill says it rather well: "I cannot pretend to feel impartial about colours. I rejoice with the brilliant ones and am genuinely sorry for the poor browns."

05/ I am starting to think bloggers don't use blogrolls anymore. It's more likely they use feeders or readers instead so now it's harder to find new blogs because I can't browse someone's blogroll anymore.

06/ Did you know it is not necessary to check the 'Please prove you're not a robot' box if you're at a Blogger/Blogspot blog when leaving a comment?  I've stopped checking the box and my comments go through without problems.

07/ I heard this from the tv series Charmed and thought it sounded so perfect for me, well, on most days anyway: "A girl got a right to vacillate."

November 11, 2015

A silly list for NaNoWriMo writers

National Novel Writing Month (NaNoWriMo or NaNo) is here. I've done NaNo a couple of times and I still I think it's only half worth it. Half because it keeps you writing and keeps you going but at the same time, you kind of rush through it without always thinking. Your judgement may lapse a little because there really is not as much as time as you would like. It also makes you wonder the worth of your creative abilities or even if you have any in the beginning. At least, that was how I felt whenever I'm participating in NaNo.

I am not participating this year but I really do like the idea that people all over the world is writing their novel at the same time and even as I type this, someone has probably written a few thousands words by now. I'm glad for them. So I just thought I share these for you NaNo participants out there.

Things to say to get people off your back when you are writing :

01/ When asked what you are doing:
"Oh, just writing words from the dictionary."

02/ If caught taking a nap:
"I'm studying on how sleep or lack of, will affect my character's well being."

03/ If caught staring at a blank page:
"I'm contemplating how my characters will react when confronted with empty space."

04/ If caught staring at a blank computer screen:
"You have just caused me to erase my entire novel and now I will have to start all over again."
And look very, very frustrated as you say it.

05/ If asked where you get your ideas from:
"A while ago, I met a homeless kid carrying a rainbow-colored umbrella and talking about how the rain was making him crazy though it was very sunny that day. Then he handed me a flyer for fried chicken. I was hungry and so I went to the restaurant. When I got there, they only sold baked chicken and when I asked the owner why the flyer was not corrected, he mentioned that he recently had a heart operation and will no longer sell unhealthy food. His cousin had printed up the flyers and wouldn't change it for him without...  Before the owner could continue, he got hit in the head by a piece of chicken bone and then a crowd gathered and the owner was sent to the hospital and... What was the question again?"
Or tell some other weird story that goes in circles. And look very, very frustrated as you say it.

06/ When asked why you can't do housework:
"My character has a deep fear of housework and so I'm trying get into his psyche by doing the same. It helps me write."

07/ When asked if they can be a character in your novel:
"Sure, you can be the cross-dressing uncle who picks his nose and carries a Chia pet."

08/ When asked if they can read what you have written:
"Sure, can you read German?"
Or some language you are sure that person does not know.

09/ If someone pester you on what your novel is really about:
"Nothing much, just about people who ask too many questions and who ends up getting run over by really big cars, you know, a love story."
And smile sweetly at the person.

10/ If caught playing a video game or watching a movie or doing something other than writing:
"I'm doing research."

(Bonus because today is 11/11) 
11/ When asked if you're really writing a novel:
"No, I'm creating an index of words by rearranging them according to my taste and mood and how much I like cheese sandwiches. If I'm lucky, I can finish it at the end of November in which I'll get pay a few million bucks and then I'll be able to buy my own island and start writing that novel that I've been meaning to write. But I can't take you with me because annoying people who ask annoying questions are not allowed on my island."

This is just a silly list, so don't take them seriously. I mean it. Don't take them seriously. Seriously. Good luck writers!

November 7, 2015

Just the same old thought

I've purged all the posts that I didn't like and left the ones that I did. It's my way of autumn cleaning my blog. Some things aren't meant to last even if I do want them to last. Also, this cleaning keeps me here on this blog and not move to another url, which, I would do in an instant if only I have a blog name that I wanted to change to.

It seems to me that (at this moment anyway) blogging has become almost an old practice or an ancient art. Bloggers are leaving their blogs for other platforms of expression and for the more instant kind of platforms like twitter or instagrams. I don't blame them and I don't think it's wrong but I guess I'm just old fashion. I like reading blogs and I like to read them directly.

I don't really see myself as someone who could keep up to speed with everything around me using a little gadget.  I like simple ways and quiet ways. I like not having to read the news or stories on tiny screens. I like not having to learn new names for old things. I like not having to know everything that is going on all at once. Even now, I seemed to have missed a thing or two and that's okay with me.

It's the same old reasons why I haven't gotten myself a facebook page - I simply cannot tolerate so much at once. And I do not want to either. I'm the most unlikely person to change and if you ask me again in a couple of years, I might still feel exactly the same way. Or not. For now, I'm just another blogger sticking to her blog and still, somewhat, not wanting to leave.