October 9, 2015

Some dialogues from my unfinished novels

Nothing exciting but a few tidbits from my unfinished novels. Perhaps it's a bit self-serving to post them? I hope you'll enjoy them and if you didn't enjoy them, well, you can forget you've read them.

01/ Heroine
"Have you ever try to think things through before doing it?"

"I try all the time but my head gets all cloudy and I have to stop and think of something dumb to set it right again."

02/ Slipper's Dream
"Well, I really do not have friends. At least none that disagrees with me. Do you know how hard it is to find someone that does not obey you and agree with everything you say and do?"

"I imagine it is not so hard. I have many people in my life disagreeing with me every hour of the day."

"Then perhaps you should introduce me to them?"

"I wish not to depart these people on you. They will agree with you quite easily."

"And why is that?"

"Because you are the prince."

"Oh. Then why do they disagree with you?"

"Because I am a ser--- because they do not like me."

"And why do they not like you?"

"Because I like disagreeing with them."

03/ Beast
"Then give me what I want: your life."

"My life? You want my life? Why not? I have a wife that ran away because she could not stand the sight of me. I have a girl imprisoned in my mansion who wanted to pay off her father's debt to me and is only staying because of the debt. She has no desire to love me nor to marry me. My mansion, the grand place of my own prison home, housed gold and splendor treasures that are useless to me. And the only person who does not fear the sight of me is a blind and mute servant. And not to mention that I am cursed to be this beast for several lifetimes without love or companionship. You want my life? Then take it!"

04/ Emily's Ghost
"Miss Anne, I am Emily. I am pleased to make your acquaintance." She held out her hand.

"Miss Emily," I said and I slowly reached out to shake her hand but my fingers went right through hers.

"Oh!" she said as she let her hand fell to her side. "I am sorry. I must remember I am not corporeal. Please forgive me."  Her thin lips pursed into a half smile. I smiled and wondered how she could have moved the books if I could not even touch her.

As if reading my mind, she said, "I can move things with my mind and sometimes with my hands but I don't really touch anything, not really. It is as new to me as it was about 100 years ago when I changed into this form that you see me now. I do not know how it happened nor why it happened, only that, I am alive. Well, almost." She let out a small giggle.  "As much alive as one could be after having died and lost all sense of reality."

05/ Sea Children
The wall of the tidal wave can been seen not far from where they stood on the rooftop. They could make out the wave very well. It has not reached the city but from the looks of it, it may as well be twice as high as the nearest building which is at least fifty stories high.

"Okay, I'm going have to panic. I mean, really panic like screaming and running like a little child kind of panic." Alex turns to Taeya. Her face is calm, almost serene like she is ready to take a nap. "Should we be leaving?"

"Where to?" Taeya looks at him with a gleam in her eyes. Daylight has been slowing creeping up the horizon. Everything now look so crisp, so real. Taeya wishes it is a dream but the reality of what she is seeing at the moment is too close to her to be a dream. She can even smell the salty air.

"Where to?" Alex wants to scream at her but he calms down.  "I...I don't know. Isn't there somewhere safe we can go?"

"How do you suppose we get there in time?" Taeya turns her gaze to the coming tidal wave.

"I don't know, you're the seer. Don't you have some kind of backup plan? Maybe some magical machine?" Alex is ready for anything even if it might be hard for him to believe.

"Sure, why not. Let me go and get our imaginary flying machine. I'm sure I have it here somewhere. Oh, I'm sorry, I forgot. I've sent it out for repair. So sorry."  Taeya shakes her head. There is a hint of a grin on the corner of her lips.


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