October 2, 2015

Seven Things: Just some thoughts and nonsense

'pocket things'
01/ Above is a drawing a did awhile back for an Q&A at Katrin's blog. (You can read it here.) The items drawn here are things I carry in my bag, not altogether at once of course. Here's what is in the drawing: an umbrella, a couple of pens (I do carry a few just in case one of them runs out of ink), a blank notebook, wallet, phone, mints, eyeglasses, camera and camera memory cards, keys with gadgets, tissue pack, lip balm, and a book (usually one I'm reading at the moment). The leaves and flowers I don't actually carry but I once collected leaves because I like them, usually the colorful kind.

02/ When one thing worries me, it keeps worrying me until it's over or until I forget about it.

03/ It annoys me sometimes that I'm such a prude. I really cannot watch or read about zombies or vampires or anything that is classifed as horror. I get scare easily but I suppose my tolerance level has gone up in recent years because I just read a somewhat scary book (Jackaby by Willilam Ritter) and I wasn't freaked out, maybe just a little gross out but that's about it.

04/ I was asked once by a friend what I would do in an emergency if something happens to her, like if she suddenly falls ill right on the spot, would I know what to do? I didn't have an answer. I don't think I would do well during an emergency and certaintly even if I did know what to do, I would proably mess up. I am slow to react and quick to worry about messing up.

05/ Does everyone have a smartphone but me? Seriously, I hear about apps for this, apps for that, what happens to people like me who have no smartphone? Does that mean I will stay dumb with my not-so-smart-phone?

06/ I'm starting to dislike my email address. I get a couple of sniggers sometimes when I tell people my email. I didn't even think about how it sounded when I chose the name and also because the name I wanted is already chosen, in fact of all the names that I wanted to use, none of them were available. It's too late to change now since I've been using this same address for many years.

07/ I could never decide if I truly am like other people or it just seems like I am like others simply because we share the same interest.


  1. Interesting thoughts today and a nice painting Lissa!

    1. thanks. would it upset you to know I didn't use real paint? I suppose it really doesn't matter.

      thanks for stopping by, have a lovely day.

  2. i don't like horror either, but that is fine with me.

    I don't think most of us know how we are in an emergency until we are in one, it is one of those real life things that can surprise us.

    I do not have a smart phone and i do not want one. Mobiles hurt my head, even cordless phones do, that is enough info for me.

    I love that you carry flowers in your purse, even though you say you don't, the art makes it seems like you do. ;-)

    1. oh I do wish to carry around flowers, I really do but it's not practical plus they wither too quickly but I do like the idea a lot.

      thanks for your visit, have a lovely day.

  3. 05/ I don't have a cell phone at all. I just don't like them.

    06/ My email address embarrasses me. It is the name of my blog, which I like, but as an email address it is stupid. Like you, I've had it for many years; it is what it is.

    01/ I carry the same things in my bag. There are currently acorns in it, and a feather I found in the woods the other day (must remember to take these items out : ).

    07/ Based on these things, we probably share a lot of the same interests. That makes us alike in some ways, but surely different in others. There is an only-ness that runs deep in the soul of each person, I think. And, more than the things that we have in common, this is the thing that I want to connect with in others.

    Your artwork is wonderful!

    1. actually, I don't like cell phones either but you got to have one if you live in the city plus I can't remember numbers well so a cell phone is kind of nice to have for that purpose.

      I think most of us do love our email address when we first got it but overtime, it just didn't sound as good. I guess it's no big deal, really.

      thanks for dropping by, have a lovely day.

  4. Love your drawing! And of course your interview! <3 I always collect leaves as well! There are so many pretty ones. Right now I also love to collect chestnuts, they are perfect for decoration.
    Hope you are having a great Sunday!

    1. autumn is a really good season to collect leaves but sadly, there aren't that many colorful trees where I am.

      have a lovely day.

  5. I LOVE the sketch Lissa and what an interesting list. You are definitely a thinker, I think ;-) I would consider myself one too but I also LOVE to talk, if it's to the right person or persons. Those can (right people) can be hard to find at times.

    About the emergency comment you made, I'm sure you would react well and accordingly when the need arose. We usually do what we have to do, when it entails helping someone in an emergency situation, especially someone close to us. I've been there, it just happens.

    1. I love that drawing too. I just love seeing things scattered but almost organized in this fashion. it just seems like there is order here.

      not all of us can be useful in emergency but I hope I can be.

      thanks for your visit. have a lovely day.


"To practice any art, no matter how well or badly, is a way to make your soul grow. So do it. " -- Kurt Vonnegut