August 22, 2015

Tiny Thumbelina

'tiny thumbelina'
I have done Thumbelina before with apples (it's over here if you would like a look) and now with strawberries. Is this too much red? Maybe I shouldn't have made her hair red too. I actually tone it down by making the strawberries orange with hints of red.

For Drawing Challenge with the theme, 'Tiny.' This week is hosted by Tammie Lee. For more 'Tiny' interpretations, go here.

August 18, 2015

The couch traveler

'the couch traveler'
This week's Creative Tuesdays' theme is 'Lazy days of summer.'  I decide to focus on summer and summer means vacations. Here is a couch traveler taking a vacation. She travels through books and her imagination. And what great place to start than the Statue of Liberty?

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August 15, 2015

The secret life of a couch blogger

Maybe it's not so secret since I seem to blurt out things unexpectedly, you know, with posts like this one. Actually, I never sit on a couch when I blog but 'couch blogger' sounds better than 'chair blogger' don't you think?

Bloggers or at least bloggers like me, have tried to find the perfect way to create and maintain a blog or at least a blog that has readers and not just myself lazily reading my own blog. I have read many posts and articles and even some books about blogging and I have yet to find anything that really help except perhaps some tutorials but really, there is no perfect way nor any secret methods to blogging.  There is only the doing and the hoping that readers will just enjoy what you post without noticing any missteps or mistakes. At least, that is my hope.

Here are some things I do as a blogger that you may not know:

01/ I don't have a sidebar - I like my blog to be neat and organized so I don't really have a sidebar.  I don't think there is ever a way to organize a sidebar without having one or two items looking out of place. So I only have sidebar items some of the time for special post links or announcements.

02/ I read what I am going to post about a million times before actually posting them - There is a lot of spellchecking, reading, reading out loud, reading while trying to be sober, editing to remove unnecessary words, correcting grammars, re-reading and more re-reading, setting up a post and more re-reading and still, there are mistakes and that's why number 3 is needed. And if you ask me how long it takes to write a post, I would say a couple of days and sometimes a week or two if the post is particularly long.

03/ I edit/change/correct posts that had already been published
- if I see a mistake in a post, I would go and correct it and republish it even if it's a couple of months old. I don't think it's ever too late to make corrections plus people might be reading your archive and that's reason enough.

04/ I edit my photos a lot - I crop out things. I remove objects. I blur ugly spots. I even sometimes remove little bits of blur/shadow/edge of something from the corners of photos. Here's an example:
05/ I post just to cover another post - When I get embarrassed by something I posted or when I think what I posted was a bad idea, I quickly post something else in hopes that the reader had not caught that post and instead went onto the newest post. Once in a while, I might even delete that post.

06/ I don't use custom domains - I find it is not worth spending the money and I change urls far too many times to go around getting new domains every time I switch blogs. If people want to find me, they'll find me. I don't need a fancy address for them to look up.

07/ I don't check my stats  - I used to check the stats for my blogs to see who is reading and visiting my blog and how they got here but not anymore. It really does nothing for me plus I hate to see how badly my blog is doing so it's best not to even peek at it. I don't have a business blog nor do I make money off my blog so why bother with stats? I do want more readership but sometimes I think it's just not worth fussing over.

How about you? Do you secretly do something that you hope or wish your readers do not know or notice just to get your blog to some sort of standard or at least, keep readers around?

August 9, 2015

First Versions

I saved first versions of my drawings so there are different versions of each piece and some of them has more than one version. I wouldn't call them drafts or sketches, they are more like first ideas, first versions that came along. You might not be familiar with some of these as I've posted these at other blogs and two from this year. I suppose I do kind of improve on the first versions but sometimes I prefer the first version. Here's some first versions with the final versions next to them.

'cup heart' - this piece was a while ago so I don't even remember how I got to this other version but I'm glad I did.

'the sailor mermaid' - somehow when I redrew this I decided to add the corks on the boat because I've already decided there was going to be bottles in the water & the story was, she would pick up the bottles and save the content and bottle and cork or perhaps she is the one who put objects into bottles and drop them off into the water for her mermaid friends to find.

'wings' - I already knew I was going to redraw this so I sort of winged it and then redrew the final, though you can tell the wings are not really symmetical.

'mermaid music' - I don't recall at what point I decided she should be listening to music as I really just want to draw a mermaid. So naturally since there's music, her hair would make more shapes including a clef.

August 4, 2015

Color Wars

'color wars'  - click on image for a larger view
closeups - click on image for a larger view
This week's Creative Tuesdays' theme is 'picnic.'  I had some laughs at the idea and even now, I think this piece is pretty silly and should not be taken seriously. This is titled, 'color wars.' I had a story about this piece but decided not to post it. Maybe you can makeup a story of what's going on here?

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