July 22, 2015

Seven Things: Rain days & some wordly meanderings

01/ Sadly, no rainy day photos these days. Whenever it rains, I don't have my camera with me and when it does rain and I have my camera with me, it rains very little and I don't quite want to take photos.

02/ I think my commenting has become generic and maybe a little too spare and probably contain a lot of floral adjectives.  I really do try to say something that relates to the post subject and be as honest and as polite as possible without being rude.

Sometimes I just say a short phrase because it's easier and because I don't quite have the words. I don't often have the patience to come up with something long.  When there are less words involve doesn't that means less reasons for people to dislike what you wrote?

Occasionally I do leave long comments but I edited them a lot. They always somehow ends up shorter than my original thought. I try to cut out what I thought as mundane and unnecessary. I cut out what may be offensive or self serving. Maybe it's my habit to be as unrude and unoffensive and unloud as possible and maybe that is why I cut out so much. But I do like to encourage people and I think leaving good thoughts is a good thing. But I don't mind getting some criticism especially with my writings and even drawings.  I'm not against readers who leaves their true opinions however hard to take.

03/ I love bicycles but I can't ride them because they are always too large for me and because I really do not like the idea of riding a bike in the city with all the traffics. Drivers trend to be a bit too impatience and people too trend to be a bit impatience.  Maybe because I'm too careful when I'm outside, but when I see cyclists move themselves in between large buses and trucks, I keep thinking they should not do that. If they so much as swerve a little bit, they might not even make it. I just think it's dumb to take chances like that and not to mention they don't even wear helmets.

But I love seeing bicycles on the streets. There are so many pretty ones out there. Just last month, I saw a beautiful white bike decorated with flowers. It looked like it should be somewhere else like in a beautiful field of white roses or an open space with vivid green grass. Here's a whole bunch of great bicycles images at Eye Poetry

04/ This is a cloud shot from last year. I see a dog tilting his head and showing off his long nose and looking very sleepy.  What do you see?
05/ Sometimes I read books that are for middle graders and I would wonder if I'm too old to read them. I mean, books are books no matter the target audience but of course there are exceptions. Still, whenever I'm reading a book that has a cover that anyone can tell it's for young kids, I keep thinking I should hide the cover, especially on public transportation.

06/ I just finishing reading the first two books of the Enchanted Forest series - Dealing with Dragons and Searching for Dragons - and I love them. It's so much fun to read and I like the characters. I'm not sure when I'll read the last two but I will.  If you have not read the series, I can honestly recommend the first two books.
Enchanted Forest
07/ My favorite number is 7. It always seems to me 7 is a lucky number and I like things that are lucky. You might or might not have noticed I used 7 a lot. The 'get to know your fellow blogger' has seven questions and have questions with 7 in them. There might or might not be some 7 in my drawings and writings also. But don't go looking for them as I've stopped putting 7 in most of my work.


  1. I do see the dog in number 4 once you pointed him out!

    1. I think if I hasn't mentioned a dog, maybe you would have seen something else.

      thanks for your visit, have a lovely day.

  2. In response to your number 2, I feel that we should always be polite when commenting on other people's blogs! It is better to remain silent rather than say something which could hurt or be misinterpreted!
    In number 4 I see a baby elephant lifting up its trunk towards its mother who is protectively standing nearby!
    I'm with you on children's books! There are some I have and some I still buy - always magical!

    1. being polite is good, I've always thought so & beside, who wants to fight with other bloggers?

      thanks for your visit, have a lovely day.

  3. I hate rainy days :)
    But I do like honest comments. Since I'm a very
    beginner, I love to hear honestly what I've done
    good and what I've done wrong.
    The dog is looking sleepy but smiling happily :)
    And I like children's books myself. They are
    written very nicely and exciting. Modern books
    for adults are mostly about s.x and murder,
    so these are just wonderful. Keep reading them
    also in public! :))

    Have a beautiful day
    Tinna ✐

    1. I do like honesty but not rudeness, I'm more likely to tell you the truth rather than lie. & I do like older childrens' books that aren't written some ten, fifteen years ago, I just think they are much more fun than what are written now.

      thanks for your visit, have a lovely day.

    2. I feel just like Tinna about it ;) :))

      Wish you a wonderful week!

  4. I love the number 7 as well. And the 13. Love that cloud picture! I see a little smiling elephant by the way!

    Hope you are enjoying your weekend! <3


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