June 30, 2015

The Postmistress

'the postmistress' unfinished - click on image for a larger view
closeups of the postmistress and her little fairy helpers

This week's Creative Tuesdays' theme is 'little twitters', as in birds.  As you can see, this piece is not finished. There are a few birds here but it's really more about the postmistress. The postmistress is part bird, part tree and yes, she can drink from those little teacups. She delivers mail for creatures large and small and this is considered her post office, her work space. It never rains here so the letters - folded and rolled - are safe from getting wet because of the postmistress and her magic. Let's assume that is the story here.

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June 24, 2015

Little Red in Indigo

Little Red in Indigo
closeup 1
closeup 2

This is the night version of this drawing here. This night version is actually the first version but since I like it so much I thought I do a day version and so I worked on the day version even before I finished this version.

There is not much color changes - her hood is now red instead of white, but that's about it. Since it's a night scene, a blue hue is added over everything. I guess I would put this at nautical twilight, I'm not sure, just that everything is a shade of indigo and some yellow from the lantern she is holding.

Click on the images for a larger view. The day version is here.

Which do you like better? This night version or the day version? I favor the day version as I really like all colorful flowers surrounding her.

June 22, 2015

Seven Things & Taking photographs in my dreams

taken at Battery Park, NYC, 2008
01/ Sometimes I take photos in my dreams. There was a dream where I was sitting with someone in some outdoor place and I looked out and there was yellow everywhere. There was the cabs, the clothes that the people wore, some flowers, maybe a tree or two, the rest was kind of fuzzy but they were all in a bright, golden yellow.  I took my camera out and started clicking the shutter while moving the camera from left to right, a panorama of sorts. It was a beautiful feeling.

02/ I do a lot of mental blogging. I think about things to blog but I never seem to remember them later on. I guess it would be nice to write them down but I don't seem to remember to do that either.

03/ Do you feel rejected when you visit someone's blog and leave a lot of comments and they never even come once to your blog? Sometimes I do but mostly I kind of forget about it or ignore it. I just hope for those that visits here a lot and leave lots of kind words, don't feel rejected if I don't visit their blog or leave comments. Sometimes I do visit but I leave no words - there's just aren't anything I want to say, that is, nothing that I think are worth saying.

04/ I'm an anti-social media blogger. Okay, not entirely true but it seems to be true. I've avoided joining Facebook. I've quitted Twitter a long time ago. I've quitted Pinterest a few months ago.  I guess I can't really join Instagram as I have no smart phone or iphone or ipad, not that I wanted to anyway. I'm also thinking of quitting bloglovin' as you need to sign in/sign up to view even a single post of someone's blog. I don't use bloglovin' for reading blogs but on occasions I click on 'Similiar Blogs' to see other blogs that I might be interest in. (And let's not mention the whole sign in/sign issue because I keep thinking how is a person suppose to protect themselves from identity theft if they have to sign in/sign up for every little thing?)

05/ Re-reading books is great but I guess there's a chance I might miss great books just because I'm reluctant to read new ones. It's a vicious cycle really. Either I read the same books that I love or I read new books that I might just end up hating.

06/ It is known or so I think it's known: Publishers would not publish your stories/writings if they appeared in a blog first.  Whatever you posted on your blog is considered published. So why do people still chase the dream of being a published writer? It's probably because it is not the same. Sure, you can print out a story and read it that way but it's still not the same. Not to me anyway. So I don't think I should post any more stories just for that reason but it's still undecided. It's not very likely I'll ever get anything publish. I mean, I couldn't even finish writing most of the stories I started anyway. (Update: This seems to be only half-true, but you know, most people, publishers mainly, would probably prefer new material).

07/ I don't actually remember people well but I remember moments and here's one from a few years ago:

It was the middle of rush hour and I was getting out of a train. Okay, maybe it's more like people were pushing me from behind.  Somehow my face got pressed against this man's shirt. It was really soft like I've just fallen against a pillow. There was this scent of fresh soap and I thought, how nice.  I looked up at his face for maybe two seconds. He didn't seem particularly angry. He just calmly looked at me and I think he smiled. He turned or perhaps I did. He was inside the train and I was out of it. Then the train left the station and that was that.

I don't remember his face now, only the scent of fresh soap and the soft fabric of his shirt. I don't know why I should remember that moment and not the others. It's nothing romantic, it's just a moment of quietude, I guess. Such moments are rare these days as everyone's rushing all the time and there's a crowd everywhere. I suppose it's hard to find those good moments where you don't feel overwhelm or full of destinations and schedules you have to keep.

June 18, 2015

Get to know your fellow blogger: Sarah

This week's blogger is: Sarah from Knitting the Wind
[ Part I: About blogging ]
01/ How many blogs do you have that are currently active?
Just the one.

02/ What is your blog about? Do you have a tag line?

My tag line is "writing from the edge of the world." But it's hard to define what I write about - really just whatever drifts into my heart on the day.

03/ Is your blog a reflection of you or just a place for your creative/personal outlet?
I think it would be difficult to separate the two, as my creativity comes through me and so to some degree will always reflect me. But having said that, I mostly keep my personal self out of my writing.

04/ How did you come up with the name for your blog?
Many years ago I would sit in the lounge of my tree-high house and look out in reverie on the misty hills surrounding me. There was one house whose light in the night always drew me in to fancies about who might live there. I imagined an old woman knitting stories from the wind on long bone needles. And so I called my weblog Knitting the Wind. Many times I've wanted to change that name, especially as I get so many visitors looking for knitting patterns and yarn information, but it has stuck.

05/ Do you have a blogroll or a reading list of your favorite blogs? If not, then what blogs do you like reading?
I don't have a public blogroll. I get too anxious that, if I accidentally leave anyone off, they will be hurt. But I have my own private list. Mostly I like reading the weblogs of dreamers, gypsy spirits, mythic writers, and old friends whose sites I have been reading for years.

June 16, 2015

The girl who rains

This week's Creative Tuesdays' theme is 'aqua.' I guess it's easy to tell what aqua is in this piece.  For more of this week's Creative Tuesdays' participants, go here

June 15, 2015


This piece is titled 'zephyr' but I'm uncertain now why I picked that name. This was originally started in 2011 and I've only finished this today. So now you know how long I put things off. I think now and there, it's okay to complete something later when it might seems like a better time.

This is for The Summer of Color. This week's color is pink + pink + orange. For more participants, go here.

[ Click on the image for a larger view. ]

June 11, 2015

Get to know your fellow blogger: Geraldine

This week's blogger is: Geraldine from My Poetic Path
[ Part I: About blogging ]
01/ How many blogs do you have that are currently active?

02/ What are your blogs about? Do you have tag lines?
One is cooking, crafts and a big orange cat. One is poetry and creative writing. One is for reviews.

03/ Are your blogs a reflection of you or just a place for your creative/personal outlet?

04/ How did you come up with the names for your blogs?
Veggies, Yarns & Tails, was an idea I had that a long-time blogger suggested I use. My Poetic Path and My Real Life Reviews were just things I thought fit what I was blogging about. 

05/ Do you have a blogroll or a reading list of your favorite blogs? If not, then what blogs do you like reading?
Yes, I have a blog roll and a couple of Readers I follow. I have LOTS and lots of fav blogs!!!

June 8, 2015

Postcards from the rain girl

'postcards from the rain girl'
'postcards from the rain girl'
closeup 1
closeup 1
closeup 2
closeup 2
This is created to use as the header of this blog (just scroll up, the header is slightly lighter in color) and I also decided to turn it into a new piece. At the moment, I seem to like using the color mint a lot and so, she's all mint, well, almost. Those colorful shapes are postcards.  The idea here is, she makes rain and turns them into postcards. I'm not quite sure why they form a ball. Maybe she's trying to save the rain, to keep them around longer. This makes so little sense, doesn't it?

This piece is inspired by one of my favorite art: Girl in the wind aka Girl with umbrella by artist   I have this print framed and hanging on my wall at home and it always makes me smile. I hope my piece is a good tribute to Curmi's work.

This is for The Summer of Colors. This week's color is 1 blue + 1 blue + 1 green. For more participants, go here.

[ Click on the image for a larger view. ]

June 5, 2015

Get to know your fellow blogger: Mr. Toast

This week's blogger is: Mr. Toast aka Michael from Dotty Hill
[ Part I: About blogging ]
01/ How many blogs do you have that are currently active?
Two: Dotty Hill and Creative Tuesdays (Also have an online illustration portfolio of sorts, not a blog, @ dottyhill.com)

02/ What are your blogs about? Do you have tag lines?

Creative Tuesdays is an online art co-op open to anyone who wants to take the challenge of a new theme posted every two weeks. Dotty Hill is where I now post my own art contributions for singing up to "CT" and is an avenue to occasionally write more. Its tagline is "Michael's Toast to this World of Wonder." In spite of all the heartaches and awful things in this world, there is yet so much wonder to behold. Life is a miracle to live thoughtfully!

03/ Are your blogs a reflection of you or just a place for your creative/personal outlet?
Both to a degree, but more my artistic side. I tend to avoid anything terribly divisive as the blogs serve more as an avenue for building a public online community with other supportive creatives. We all need encouragement and I love to offer it while at the same time enjoying seeing how people think differently through any one theme. Fascinating. I've learned too though that it helps to flesh out who you are to some extent as it helps build a followership, if you will. People aren't interested divesting time into art and posts with someone they don't at least partially know and care about. Such co-ops also serve as a way to engage with others one might not otherwise ever meet.

04/ How did you come up with the names for your blogs?
As the co-op already existed when asked to take it over (by Lissa), I simply changed its name from Create Tuesdays to Creative Tuesdays. Dotty Hill's name, however, comes from the British word, "dotty," implying "eccentric" and rather "enthusiastic"or even "playful," if you will. I think that describes me and my illustrations fairly well actually! And "hill" because I'd far rather be on some gentle rolling hills than stuck on up on the craggy bare mountaintop above timberline where little grows (like we have here in CO)!

05/ Do you have a blogging schedule or do you post any time you like?
Yes, well, I have to post every two weeks for CT so that holds me accountable for the most part.

06/ What advice did you wish someone had given to you when you first started blogging?
Watch out for those who don't blog or do art co-ops! They often won't get it and may actually think its something it's entirely not. The pursuit of artistic expression is rarely understood by those who aren't at least to some degree creatives themselves.

June 2, 2015

Penelope in Orange & Mint

This week's Creative Tuesdays' theme is 'orange.' I guess I should add 'yellow' in the title but it doesn't sound as good. This piece is half based on the movie, 'Penelope'. On my screen the orange is more of a pinkish orange but it's orange.

For some reason, my images are no longer clear, so, click on the image for a larger view.