April 24, 2015

Mermaids in the sky

do you see a mermaid's tail?

Because I said so little and have too much in my head, I thought I share with you some random lines from my head & some thoughts that might or might not be confessions. 

01/ a mermaid shift in her dreams and wakes to find she is sleeping in the sky

02/ what we all need are flammable confessions

03/ being awake : the side effects of being human

04/ the worst part of being a graphic designer: searching for photos that don't exist

05/ Is there a 'somebody else be me' day?

06/ Sometimes I only cross the streets in a traffic jam/red light if there are other people crossing at the same time because the way I figured is, 'We can't all be run over at the same time, right?'

07/ Sometimes my brain makes detours and I would wonder what things I've forgotten.

08/ I like to visit blogs when I have posted something new or else, I just feel like I'm struck in the past or that I'm way behind everybody.

09/ I had a dream where I was given a middle name. I can't remember the name, only that I loved it instantly and almost insanely thought of using it for real. It's just too bad I do not remember it.

10/ I like to sell my problems so that I can make money when I'm having a bad day.


  1. I can see the mermaid's tail. And I love many of your thoughts here - flammable confessions is a great one!

    1. sometimes words needs to disappear, you know, it's not a bad idea, I guess.

      thanks for stopping, hope you have a lovely day.

  2. are you a graphic designer?
    #2 made me laugh, love that
    #6: right
    i wonder what #7 is
    #8: that is a nice way to let me know you have a new post to visit, hopefully i beat you too it someones
    #9: : I hope it comes back to you
    sweet weekend to you

    1. yes, I'm a graphic designer, that is, that's what I do for a living. it's not so bad but sometimes it takes a lot of patience & I guess that is most jobs.

      oops, I deleted number 7 by mistake, sometimes I had to copy and paste time back and forth because the styling is wrong. it's back on.

      thanks for stopping by. hope you have a lovely weekend.

  3. I can see the tail! Great picture. #10 sounds like a fabulous idea. And I absolutely know what you mean with #7. I often wonder the same. Maybe your middle name will come back to you at some point!

    Have a fabulous Sunday, Lissa!

  4. I love the mermaid in the sky and your thoughts are well expressed. I like all the thoughts but the last one is my favorite.

  5. I do see at mermaid's tail!

  6. How interesting about the middle name. I hope you remember it. Ive posted re my photo updates and your help at veggies...if you click through. Have a sweet day, g ��

  7. No 6 is too funny as is no. 9 is not rather sad too. It coudl have been life changing a name for you! Although, I do love the name, "Lissa."

    Yes, a mermaid for sure. Love your imagination.


"To practice any art, no matter how well or badly, is a way to make your soul grow. So do it. " -- Kurt Vonnegut