March 20, 2015

Prone to stay still

an incomplete drawing titled, 'prone to stay still'
My blog's two months old! Isn't it ridicules to even read such phrase? And probably even more so to write it but I'm so quick to start new blogs that just staying put even for a month is something to celebrate or at least, eat something sweet to commemorate the day. Actually, this blog is 38 days old if you're counting.

I am always quick to judge my own blogging habits which has never been constant. Now, it's almost nonexistence. Years ago, I posted almost every day because I thought people would stop coming around if I didn't have something new. Even now, I worry over not posting enough.

Sometimes I think it's so much easier to never have know there's such thing as the internet. Because knowing there is a world out there, however unreachable at times, there's this need to go there and be known. At least, my mind sees it that way.

"Perhaps it is true that we do not really exist until there is someone there to see us existing..."
— Alain de Botton, On Love

On a bad day, I would doubt myself and doubt every idea and everything that I would post. I would instead choose not to post and choose not to interact with others until I have something to show. I guess in my own bad habits, I still crave some sort of acceptance that comes by putting myself, i.e., a blog post.

 But I do try to remind myself that this blog and every other blog before it, is mine and I shouldn't compare them to others. I shouldn't feel bad when nobody visits. I shouldn't do what others do just to be liked. I should do whatever pleases me. Right now, lots of ramblings and sometimes a drawing or a photo or two seems to suit me.

I think blogging is now becoming an old practice for people like me who is more used to a slower speed (which is normal speed according to me), who wants to keep blogging while ignoring all the other medias. I see too many of my favorite bloggers who has stopped blogging and I understand why. There's just too many other distractions that blogging is probably the last thing they want to do.

For now, I'll still be blogging along even if nobody comes here and even if I am not as a frequent as before.


  1. such a fun drawing
    full of ideas and things too
    i prefer blogging to FB, though i do that too
    feels like a fuller offering, slower visit
    lovely weekend to you

    1. I did have fun drawing this but sadly I'm not motivated to color it.

      thanks for stopping by, have a lovely day.

  2. I agree, this is a fun drawing. And re: changing blogs, we'll find you, wherever you may blog Lissa. It's worth clicking through from old to new to see your artwork.

    Have a great Sunday.

    PS: I have a photo question I'd love to ask, if you have the time/inclination to help. If you do, contact me at veggiecook at myway com

    If you don't have time, that's ok too. ;-)

    1. thanks & thanks for visiting here and in the other old places that I've been.

      have a lovely day.

  3. I love your drawing and I love your blog! No matter how often you post! Happy blog anniversary! Hope you are having a good day!

    1. it's not really an anniversary but we can still pretend. thanks for visiting. have a lovely day.

  4. Well I really hope you keep at it, Lissa. I LOVE your blog. It (whatever version) has DEFINITELy become a part of my life through these years of transition and one I TRULY cherish. Know that.

    "but I'm so quick to start new blogs that just staying put even for a month is something to celebrate "
    Absolutely. I keep wondering how long this version will last. The fact you keep followers is a testament to your skills on display here and your person.


"To practice any art, no matter how well or badly, is a way to make your soul grow. So do it. " -- Kurt Vonnegut